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Pollution Control Equipment

The pollutants generated from the plant are dust and particulate matter in the flue gas, fly ash from hoppers, furnace bottom ash, effluent from water treatment plant, boiler blow down, and sewage from the plant.

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is considered for dust collection system so that the fly ash contents of flue gases leaving the chimney.

The ash collected from the bottom of furnace and the ash collected in the air heater hoppers and ESP hoppers are taken to an ash silo through series of conveyors. In order to avoid the ash flying for air, water is mixed at the conveyor point. The ash from the silo is disposed off through trucks.

Water drained from the water treatment plant is pumped to a neutralization pit. After neutralization, the water can be used for plantations.

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Auxiliary Equipment

The major auxiliary equipment considered includes a step-down transformer, DG set, deaerator, air-cooled condenser, air compressor plant, loaders, Trucks for husk feeding and ash removal closed trailers for litter transport office assets, car, water treatment etc. The fuel preparation and handling equipment include weighing bridge, shredders, and conveyors are required for the operation of the power plant.

The boiler feed water should be free from hardness causing salts to ensure long life and efficiency. Therefore, a DM water plant of capacity 4000 ltrs/hr is proposed for the purpose. An induced draft, counter flow cooling tower of capacity 2000 m3/hr with a temperature gradient of 80C is proposed for cooling water requirements.

The plant consists of two air compressors in that one is stand by of capacity 85cfm, two air receivers, etc.

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Power Generation Equipment

The steam turbine will be the prime mover for power generation through a high voltage alternator.  The turbine will be bleed cum condensing type and is capable of generating 7.5 MW of power.  The rated rotor speed of the turbine considered is 1500 RPM.  This will be coupled to an alternator through a helical gearbox.

Raw Materials & Other Inputs

The raw material for Boiler fuel consists of industrial waste i.e. poultry litter and rice husk. Water Water requirement for the entire process is estimated at 20 cu. mtrs per hour.

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Steam Turbine

The steam turbine considered for the power plant is of single casing, single rotor, condensing, and impulse type with two bleeds for feed heating purposes. The turbine is designed to directly drive the generator to generate an electrical power at Indian standard electrical frequency of 50 Hz.

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