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The plant and machinery required for the power project is classified into:

a) Steam Generation Equipment 

b) Power Generation Equipment 

c) Power Evacuation Equipment 

d) Auxiliary Equipment 

e) Fuel preparation and handling, water, fire fighting equipment 

f) Pollution control Equipment

Steam Generating Equipment    

The steam required for 7.5 MW bleed cum condensing type turbine generator is estimated at 40 TPH at 440+10oC and 44 bar. A 40 TPH boiler with 440+10oC and 44 bar is estimated for the proposed power plant. The 40 TPH steam is used for power generation and 3 TPH steam is for reheating of the condensate. The steam requirements can be met by using a traveling grate high-pressure steam boiler which generates steam at 45 kg/ cm2 (g) (44 bar/ 43.5 atm) pressure and 440+10oC temperature which is of capacity 40 tonnes per hour. 

The consumption of fuel with an average calorific value of 2884 Kcal per kg will be 1.53 tons for generation of 1 MW H.

The boiler includes the boiler drums, furnace wall , boiler bank, economizer, super heater, firing equipment/ furnace, air pre heater, fuel feeders and spreaders, centrifugal fans, instrument  panel, valves & fittings , structure & ducting, refractory & insulation, soot blowing equipment, deaerator, HP & LP dosing system, blow down arrangement, rice husk bunker, sample coolers, silo for poultry litter storage, motor control panel.

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Power Evacuation Equipment

A set of 11KV switch gear is considered for connecting the generator output to 11KV common bus of the switch gear to export power to 132 KV grid and to cater the auxiliary loads of 415KV.

The switch yard mainly consists of breakers, isolators, control panel, lighting arrestors, etc.

Auxiliary Equipment

The major auxiliary equipment considered includes a step-down transformer, DG set, deaerator, air-cooled condenser, air compressor plant, loaders, Trucks for husk feeding and ash removal closed trailers for litter transport office assets, car, water treatment etc. The fuel preparation and handling equipment include weighing bridge, shredders, and conveyors are required for the operation of the power plant.

The boiler feed water should be free from hardness causing salts to ensure long life and efficiency. Therefore, a DM water plant of capacity 4000 ltrs/hr is proposed for the purpose. An induced draft, counter flow cooling tower of capacity 2000 m3/hr with a temperature gradient of 80C is proposed for cooling water requirements.

The plant consists of two air compressors in that one is stand by of capacity 85cfm, two air receivers, etc.

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